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Health Benefits

High Blood Pressure
Compounds found in moringa leaves such thiocarbamate, carbamate, or nitrile, are fully acetylated glycosides, which are very rare in nature. It's these compounds that contribute to a lowering effect in blood pressure.

Moringa contains a high amount of oleic acid which has the ability to regulate and control blood glucose levels.

Moringa's high nutritional content strengthens the body's immune system. The concentration of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, help maintain the growth and health of the body.

Arthritis, ulcers and other infections.
Moringa has a high concentration of natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that help fight infections and ailments.

Moringa or malunggay in the Philippines is known as ‘mother’s best friend’, because of its utilization to increase woman’s milk production and is sometimes prescribed for anemia.

Natural Energy
Moringa is an excellent source of Chlorophyll a. Chlorophyll a. is known to balance the body's pH level, and provides a burst of energy.

Moringa Benefits - High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Immunity, Arthritis, ulcers and other infections, Lactaction, Natural Energy, Digestion.
Detoxifies the body in the same way that it detoxifies and purifies drinking water.


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